Motorcycle storage in Italy means that we take care of the storage of your motorbike in Milan, one of the most ueseful places in the World to enjoy the fantastic italian roads.

Why Milan ?

If you watch the map you can see how Milan in incredibly well located with 50 kms from the Lake of Como and in general very close to the spectacular lakes area, 150 kms from the Mediterranean sea with the great climate, one night of very comfortable ferry to Sardinia , the riding paradise, 17 hours ferry to Sicily, with 10 months of its of great riding climate, just 200 kms from Tuscany, 60 kms from Switzerland, 300 kms from the Dolomites, 300 kms from the Cote d’Azur .

Is that enough to start with your motorcycle storage in Italy ?

Ops sorry, Milan is also serviced by 3 airports: Linate Airport, the city airport of Milan a mere 15 min by taxi from our depot, Malpensa airport with the best international and intercontinental connections, 65 kms from our depot and Orio al Serio airport, just 50 kms away with many low cost flights from the whole Europe.

We can do the regular maintenance (oil, tyres, etc…) and bring your bike to the airport, if you wish. You can leave the airport with the bike or – should you prefer – find “her” at your hotel or simply come and pick it up from our depot.


The cost ? Just 1,2 euro/day