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Tours FAQ
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If something is not clear do not hesitate to contact us for more details on rentals and on tours.

What is a MOTOTOURING motorcycle Tour?

MOTOTOURING Motorcycle Tour is a pure holiday with a group traveling on motorcycles. Each night we stay at fine hotels in the region.

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Will I have a roommate?

All rooms are booked double occupancy. This means that unless you are bringing your spouse or favorite companion, MOTOTOURING will try to book you into a room with someone. If for any reason we are unable to do this, you will be charged for staying in a single room.

If you desire, you may pay the single occupancy supplement, which entitles you to your own room. MOTOTOURING attempts to establish a profile on all riders in order to have compatible matches. We usually manage to succeed in this endeavor, but in the unlikely event you are not happy, we will make other arrangements.

If all else fails, we'll ask both parties involved to pay the single occupancy rate and each will have a single room.

How long is a typical tour, and how far does one ride per day?

The average mileage is around 300kms/day, with some days up to 450kms. Maybe some days we will not ride at all. Each Tour is custom designed to fit the desires of the riders. Usually a tour will be from seven to ten days. However, this also varies depending on the group.

We usually ride 2 to 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon, but not necessarily. It always depends upon the places, itineraries, things to see, and restaurants to visit!

What type of rider typically goes on a MOTOTOURING Tour?

Most of our customers are between 35 and 65 years old, and ride touring or sports motorcycles. Most of them own more than one motorcycle! Couples represent more than half of the people touring with us and it is common to have female riders operating their own motorcycle.

Regardless of age, the most important qualification is a healthy attitude and a desire to have fun with others.

How many riders are on a typical tour, and how are the tours staffed?

MOTOTOURING tour sizes vary, most are between 6 and 25 people. Each tour is staffed by a person who is capable of communicating in the local language and is familiar with the culture and customs of the country.

For groups up to 10 people we usually have 1 guide/driver, and for larger groups we have 1 guide on a motorcycle and a van driver.

Is there a support vehicle?

A support van accompanies all tours and is capable of transporting at least one motorcycle to a place of safety in the event of mechanical failure.

It is equipped with tools and other basic supplies to accommodate simple repairs.

Does MOTOTOURING carry my luggage?

The van will carry one piece of luggage per participant on a space available basis.

Riders are still encouraged to facilitate handling of their own personal luggage

Do you have to ride with group each day?

Every morning after breakfast, or evening before or during dinner, we will have a group briefing in which we will talk about the next days route, and in particular the location of the next nights Hotel.

We give Michelin maps to each participant on the tour. The tour guide will describe his route and you are welcome to ride with him. However, this is not mandatory and you are welcome to split up into smaller groups, or ride alone for the day, planning your own route to the Hotel.

All we ask is that if you do not reach the Hotel by 6h00pm, you call the tour guide and report your intentions.

How does MOTOTOURING handle meals?

All evening meals and breakfasts are provided as part of our packages. Meals are sometimes open menu where you order what you want. Sometimes they are buffets and family styled servings or a menu selection of up to three dishes to satisfy your personal taste.

On some special days we provide a lunch. Meals include tip and tax but do not include beverages.

What are the accommodations like?

When it comes to accommodation, everyone is pleasantly surprised by the quality of our selections. Security, comfort, good service and access to points of interest are the criteria used in selecting lodging. If we are in a coastal town, you can count on a resort right on the beach.

Everything from old houses or castles to five star hotels. When off the beaten tourist path, you may, on occasion, stay in more rustic accommodations, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Your motorcycle or mine?

You do not have to rent a MOTOTOURING motorcycle to take a tour. It is common practice for riders to ship motorcycles to and from the tour.

Call us for consultation on this.

What is not included on my tour?

If you ride your own motorcycle you will need to get a Green card. The UCI, an Italian Insurance Company connected with the ACI, the Italian Automobile Club, can issue a Green Card policy valid for the EU countries and other european countries. You can count on MOTOTOURING to assist you in making these arrangements.

Additionally, any form of medical or trip insurance is not included.

Tolls and fuels, border crossing fees, meals or inclusions not mentioned in our itineraries, alcoholic beverages, baggage handling and tips are not included.

Will I get more information after I book a tour?

A comprehensive information booklet is mailed to tour participants 30-45 days prior to tour departure.

When is the best time to make a reservation?

Right away.

MOTOTOURING reserves lodging well in advance to get the best available accommodations. Tours that include ferries, trains and other logistics need advanced planning.

Tours into Central and South America often require our staff to visit consulates and embassies. Some dates are very popular and are known to fill months in advance of the tour; on the other hand some tours have been forced to cancel because reservations arrived too late.

Why hesitate?

Once the tour has sufficient numbers to go, MOTOTOURING can accept last minute additions without difficulty that is, if the tour isn't sold out!


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