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Tours FAQ
Tours FAQ



Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on rentals and on tours.

What type of motorcycles make up MOTOTOURING’s fleet?

Our fleet is composed of an average of 30 motorcycles and is a mixture of BMW's, Honda's and Ducati’s. We usually have GS, and RT model BMW’s for rent from the 650’s up to the 1200’s. We have the Ducati Sport -Touring, Monster and Multistrada models available.

A big favourite of our clients is the Honda VFR Interceptor. We also have Suzuki Bandits for those who like standard motorcycles.

View the different classes of motorcycles available

What are the licensing requirements and level of riding skill required to ride a motorcycle on one of MOTOURING’s tours?

You must be licensed to ride a motorcycle in your own country. You will not need an International Drivers License. Any average-experienced rider will have no problems riding in Europe.

MOTOTOURING will endeavour to pre-determine your level of skills and riding experience to help you choose an appropriate motorcycle and route.

What happens if the motorcycle is damaged or stolen during the rental period?

MOTOTOURING charges a excess damage and theft deposit of between Euro 1,500 to 5,000, depending on the motorcycle. If your motorcycle is stolen you will be responsible for the deposit.

MOTOTOURING provides disc locks with all the motorcycles. Any damage due to tip-overs, and minor accidental contact will be repaired by MOTOTOURING and deducted from the damage deposit.

What happens if I have an accident during the rental period?

All MOTOTOURING motorcycles are insured with a Third Party insurance. You will be responsible for damages up to the guarantee deposit, between 1000 and 5000 euro, depending on the model.

In case of an accident it is advisable to call the Police or the Carabinieri - they will fill out a report and will send it to us, from which we can determine the fault and will charge accordingly.

Should I get any other insurance?

Adequate travel health/accident and trip cancellation insurance is recommended, especially for our longer and more exotic motorcycle tours.

Trip cancellation insurance can be obtained through your travel agent.

Will I have difficulty with the Rules of the Road in Europe?

All European signage follow international conventions. All distances are in kilometers. Most motorcycle riders have a short learning curve picking up on the mostly diagrammatic symbols.

Besides, figuring out the rules is half the fun. You have to have some embarrassing stories to tell the folks back home!

Will I get lost?

Our Tour guides "almost" never get lost! If you are on your own, probably, but not for more than a couple of hours! MOTOTOURING will provide you with all the maps, but figuring out what turns to take is the other half of the fun.

All European policeman can give you directions that you will be able to understand. MOTOTOURING’s rule of last resort is to flag down a taxi, and pay him to lead you to your destination.

What are my estimated out of pocket expenses per day?

If you are riding on your own, you will have to pay for gas (petrol), your lunch and dinner, (most European Hotels provide breakfast), your room each night, and incidentals like Tolls on the Autostrada. In this estimate we are leaving out impulse purchases, and other frivolous expenditures!

For the items above you can budget for about Euro 200 per day. If you are on one of our tours the package normally includes:

  • overnight in good hotels in double rooms,
  • dinner and breakfast,
  • back up vehicle,
  • English speaking guide,
  • map,
  • extras are beverages, lunches and fuel, around 70/80 euro per day.

What happens if my motorcycle breaks down?

We have our cell phones on 24 hours of the day. Just call, and we will access the situation and try to minimize any delays to your riding.

In the event that repairs can not be arranged quickly, MOTOTOURING will provide you with an equivalent motorcycle as soon as possible.

What riding gear do I need to bring?

Many MOTOTOURING customers prefer to bring their own favorite jacket, pants, boots, helmet and gloves. However, if you are not that attached to your personnel gear, or don’t want the hassle of carrying all that stuff in your luggage, MOTOTOURING has a comprehensive range of riding gear to fit all tastes and sizes.

We will be happy to outfit you upon arrival to pick up your motorcycle. The costs are 5 Euro/day for the jacket and 5 euro/day for the helmet.

Do all the motorcycles have bags?

Most of the motorcycles are equipped with two locking, detachable pannier bags. We can provide a top bag for the back carrier, and a detachable tank bag with map holder can also added to all motorcycles. These are included at no extra cost.

You are welcome to bring your own tank bag.

Remember that magnetic bags will not work on the plastic tanked BMW’s, better to bring bags with straps.

Can MOTOTOURING store our excess luggage and belongings while we are out riding?

Of course we can. It will be perfectly secure.

Can I ride two-up with my partner as a pillion?

Of course you can. MOTOTOURING has motorcycles suitable for two-up pillion riding.

We can probably even help you wire up your intercom on most motorcycles.

How, and when can I return the motorcycle to MOTOTOURING?

Just ride back to MOTOTOURING any time between 9.00am and 6.00pm Monday through Friday. Please make sure the motorcycle has some fuel in the tank.

We don’t like to send the next customer out on reserve, even though the first gas station is just around the corner! We can make special arrangements for return outside these times.

Will I have a problem with the language barrier in Europe?

In this day and age most young Europeans learn English at School. Many older Europeans also speak English, if politely pressed. All Hotel front desk staff, and most restaurant staff speak English.

However, even if you encounter non-English speakers, all situations can invariably be handled with improvised sign language, and a smile. Riding a motorcycle in Europe, especially in Italy, automatically gives one a language of our own. The language of motorcycle riders!


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